City deli is designed as a boutique and divided into theme corners. The lower level of the department store NAMA where deli is, offers tasty and fresh culinary ideas. The basic offer of baked bread and fresh fruits and vegetables is special with a selection of meat delicacies, cheese, fresh pasta and first class wine. The vitamin island offers freshly cut fruits, salads and very popular fast and healthy snacks: the house smoothies. We are very proud of our own products: freshly made, warm takeaway meals.


The ground floor is everyone’s first contact with the department store NAMA. It is a place that inspires and invites you to enter. Beauty department is divided into two corners: all the popular high-end beauty and perfume brands on the one side and one of the best selection of organic cosmetic in the city on the other side. Next to cosmetics you can also find a great gift for yourself or your loved ones among the fashion accessories, bags, jewellery, hosiery and other must buys.
Our customers can choose among the following well known cosmetic brands:
Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, Shiseido, Elie Saab, Escada, Armani, Prada, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Biotherm, Clarins and many more. We are very proud of Slovene brands Afrodita and Kozmetika Kahne.  For those who like accessories and bags there is a variety of well-known brands: Guess, Samsonite, Sisley, Benetton, Francinele, Esprit etc.
For a quick buy there is a tobacco stand with newspapers and souvenirs. The ground floor is extended into another shop – Benetton, which is also a part of Nama department store.


The entire 1st floor is dedicated to women and their favourite activity: shopping, shopping, shopping, Since the beginning NAMA has been known as the best choice in town for fashionable but value for money clothes for the modern woman. The assortment ranges from smart business to casual daywear and elegant evening designs, offering also edited collections of Slovenian designers. This is also the floor with an impressive lingerie selection for all cup sizes. To make shopping a truly great experience, NAMA offers professional stylists free of charge. Just make an appointment at take your time and enjoy.
Every woman has her own style; therefore many different brands in various price ranges are offered.
On this floor you will find brands as: Marciano Guess, Fracomina, Kocca, Scotch & Soda, French Connection, Marc Aurel, s.Oliver, s.Oliver Selection, MEXX, Olsen, Esprit Collection, Frank Walder etc.
The lingerie department is one of the biggest departments of this kind in Slovenia. It has acquired a reputation as one of the best places to buy underwear because of the well trained staff. The lingerie and underwear department offers well-known brands as Palmers, Triumph, Lisca, Schiesser, Skiny, Esprit, After Eden and others.


Men feel as at home on the 2nd floor. Relaxed atmosphere and knowledge of men’s fashion make shopping fast and satisfactory. Here you will easily find a shirt for every occasion or a timeless sweater, while belts and other accessories go well together with classic clothing brands. Experienced staff will help you pick out the perfect jacket for your body type, determine the right length of trousers or the width of the necktie – services that you can’t find elsewhere.

On this floor you will find brands as: Marciano Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, s.Oliver, Tom Tailor, Baumler, Lambretta, Pierre Cardin
On the same floor you can find also men underwear: Schiesser, Skiny, Esprit, After Eden, Triumph, Lisca


Fans of denim and casual look will love the 3rd floor, where big urban stories are being written. All the biggest brands are gathered in one place for those who put the look and comfort on top of their priorities. Brands who are masters of casual wear also provide us with a lot of ideas for more formal events, in case you still want to stay true to your personal style. The department store NAMA keeps its urban jungle in great shape with regular fashion updates. Brands are: Bench, Superdry, Pepe Jeans, Gas, Garcia, Vero moda, Only, Freesoul, Skunk Funk, Desigual, Street one, Jack & Jones, Teddy Smith


Finding everything you need to make your home nicer and cosier is not an easy task in the centre of Ljubljana – unless you come to the 4th floor of the department store NAMA. Small kitchen appliances, a new coffee mug, elegant drinking glasses, colourful pillow for the coach or a super soft towel - whatever you are looking for, you will find it here cleverly designed and made of top quality materials, perfect for a gift.
You can choose between Philips, Russell Hobbs, Tefal, Scan pan, Rosmarino, De Buyer, ASA selection, Leonardo, Fleuresse, Vossen, Linum, Billerbeck,Home design,  Kristal Rogaška


At the top, on the 5th floor, the clothes and toys are chosen with even greater care. From first steps to the tips for teenagers, the department store NAMA grows with your child. You can choose between brands Garcia, Esprit, Blue seven, s.Oliver, Name it, Idexe
Beside clothing and accessories for your young ones, from a new born to a teenager, one can also find a variety of toys and books to explore: LEGO, Tomy, Fisher price, Barbie, Hasbro, Clementoni, Ravensburg
The children’s department is designed in a way that makes shopping pleasant for all the family, having a play corner, coffee shop, children’s toilet and baby changing facilities.


Naša spletna stran uporablja računalniku neredilne piškotke, ki vam omogočajo prijetnejšo izkušnjo.


Uporaba piškotkov na naši spletni strani

Pravna podlaga

Podlaga za obvestilo je spremenjeni Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah (Uradni list št. 109/2012; v nadaljevanju ZEKom-1), ki je začel veljati v začetku leta 2013. Prinesel je nova pravila glede uporabe piškotkov in podobnih tehnologij za shranjevanje informacij ali dostop do informacij, shranjenih na računalniku ali mobilni napravi uporabnika.

Kaj so piškotki?

Piškotki so majhne datoteke, pomembne za delovanje spletnih strani, največkrat z namenom, da je uporabnikova izkušnja boljša.

Piškotek običajno vsebuje zaporedje črk in številk, ki se naloži na uporabnikov računalnik, ko ta obišče določeno spletno stran. Ob vsakem ponovnem obisku bo spletna stran pridobila podatek o naloženem piškotku in uporabnika prepoznala.

Poleg funkcije izboljšanja uporabniške izkušnje je njihov namen različen. Piškotki se lahko uporabljajo tudi za analizo vedenja ali prepoznavanje uporabnikov. Zato ločimo različne vrste piškotkov.

Vrste piškotkov, ki jih uporabljamo na tej spletni strani

Piškotki, ki jih uporabljamo na tej strani sledijo smernicam:

1. Nujno potrebni piškotki

Tovrstni piškotki omogočajo uporabo nujno potrebnih komponent za pravilno delovanje spletne strani. Brez teh piškotov servisi, ki jih želite uporabljati na tej spletni strani, ne bi delovali pravilno (npr. prijava, nakupni proces, ...).

2. Izkustveni piškotki

Tovrstni piškotki zbirajo podatke, kako se uporabniki vedejo na spletni strani z namenom izboljšanja izkustvene komponente spletne strani (npr. katere dele spletne strani obiskujejo najpogosteje). Ti piškotki ne zbirajo informacij, preko katerih bi lahko identificirali uporabnika.

3. Funkcionalni piškotki

Tovrstni piškotki omogočajo spletni strani, da si zapomni nekatere vaše nastavitve in izbire (npr. uporabniško ime, jezik, regijo) in zagotavlja napredne, personalizirane funkcije. Tovrstni piškotki lahko omogočajo sledenje vašim akcijam na spletni strani.

4. Oglasni ali ciljani piškotki

Tovrstne piškotke najpogosteje uporabljajo oglaševalska in družabna omrežja (tretje strani) z namenom, da vam prikažejo bolj ciljane oglase, omejujejo ponavljanje oglasov ali merijo učinkovitost oglaševalskih akcij. Tovrstni piškotki lahko omogočajo sledenje vašim akcijam na spletu.

Nadzor piškotkov

Za uporabo piškotkov se odločate sami. Piškotke lahko vedno odstranite in s tem odstranite vašo prepoznavnost na spletu. Prav tako večino brskalnikov lahko nastavite tako, da piškotkov ne shranjujejo.

Za informacije o možnostih posameznih brskalnikov predlagamo, da si ogledate nastavitve.

Upravljalec piškotkov

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